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Bosch Rexroth Industry 4.0 Demo Room + FIRST Robotics Demo / Connected Shoe

April 4 @ 6:00 pm

This is a special meeting at a DIFFERENT location!  We are meeting at Bosch Rexroth at 14001 S Lakes Dr, Charlotte, NC 28273. 

Come see why Charlotte IoT is growing so fast and join us for an action packed 3 part meeting!

Part 1:  FIRST Robotics team – Robot demo

You will not want to miss Matt Brown from Bosch Rexroth and the FIRST Robotics team from Olympic High School show off their robot!  FIRST Robotics inspires students to become science and technology leaders.  We had a demo from another FIRST robotics team in February which was a crowd favorite!

Part 2:  Brilliant Sole Connected Shoe

The second part of the meeting will be to see entrepreneur, Jeff Guard, talk about his exciting IoT product he invented for the virtual reality gaming industry.

The idea for Brilliant Sole came about over a year ago in November from an observation that locomotion in virtual reality is far from adequate.  Thinking there must be a better way, Jeff got the idea to add a force sensor and an Arduino to a shoe insole.  The connected shoe is used to control first person movement in WebVR and video games by emulating keys on a keyboard.  The experiment worked far too well not to pursue further!  He filed a provisional patent and several people joined in and a company was launched!

Jeff will present the Brilliant Sole smart footwear platform along with a demo for how the mobile app interacts with the footwear.  He will also demo how to use the footwear to solve a locomotion problem with Virtual Reality.

Part 3:  Bosch Rexroth Industry 4.0 Demo Room

Bosch Rexroth is driving the next industrial revolution as a lead supplier of Industry 4.0 solutions!  Connected automation in manufacturing leads to a faster and more flexible production process, greater efficiency of material, and reduction of complexity and downtime.  Bosch Rexroth will open up their Industry 4.0 demo room to Charlotte IoT and will show off their leadership in connected factory solutions.

Jeff Guard Bio:

Jeff is originally from Western Massachusetts where he went to college at UMASS Amherst and graduated in 2003.  He lived in Boston for nine years afterward starting first as a history teacher, then moved to a sales career, and gradually crossed over to entrepreneurship by independently selling merchant services to small businesses.  His family decided to move to Wilmington, NC 4 1/2 years ago to live near a beautiful beach with nicer weather.  He and his wife started a small business called GuardianPay in Wilmington selling point of sale and payments technology that’s still in operation though in the process of being phased out as he focuses solely on Brilliant Sole.

Note that this is a special meeting at a different location!  We are meeting at Bosch Rexroth at 14001 S Lakes Dr, Charlotte, NC 28273.

Please join our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/CharlotteIoT  You can watch the event live if you cannot make it in person!

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors:

Bosch Rexroth, https://www.boschrexroth.com, is driving the next industrial revolution as a leading automation supplier and manufacturing company.  Special thanks to Bosch Rexroth for providing an awesome location for us to meet and for demoing their Industry 4.0 Demo room!

Logical Advantagehttp://logicaladvantage.com, is Charlotte’s premier provider for IoT consulting or projects.  Logical Advantage specializes on firmware, message brokers, cloud services, data acquisition and visualization for IoT.  Special thanks to Logical Advantage for paying for dinner and creating and facilitating the Charlotte IoT group.

Hackster.iohttps://www.hackster.io, Hackster provides the group with incredible hardware swag!  They are providing us with all the hardware for the event from their sponsors!

SnapAVhttp://www.snapav.com/, is an IoT company headquartered in Charlotte NC!  They manufacture and distribute over a thousand products including some really cool home automation connected products!


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Bosch Rexroth Corporation
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