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New opportunities to leverage innovative technology solutions are constantly arising. Unfortunately, these opportunities are creating new skills gaps, presenting your organization’s Technology department with unprecedented challenges. Due to the dwindling pool of IT talent, many organizations are left vying for a competitive advantage against competitors and industry sectors alike.

At Logical Advantage, we are equipped with solutions to allow your organization to grow internally, protect its ROI, and become a chief contributor to the development of the IT industry.


Imagine achieving senior level quality from a junior level employee. With our Mentorship programs, we make it possible to effectively manage your current workforce’s potential in order to produce the expertise needed to fill your skills gaps. With strategically crafted programs, and a consortium of veteran IT professionals, our team can provide your workforce with the knowledge needed to advance your capabilities.

Bootcamp Training:

Though the notion of “out with the old, in with the new” might apply to technology, it doesn’t necessarily have to apply to your HR processes. With our Bootcamp Training programs, your internal resources can adapt to support the inevitable progression of technology, evolving with it rather than against it. Our custom programs are developed to advance your existing human assets in a way that coincides with the skills needed for your next project, your next client, and the next stage of your business lifecycle.

Managed Internships:

In spite of their many rewards, internships are often dismissed due to the intensive strategizing and time-consuming attention they demand. For this reason, we have developed a solution that allows our partners to take advantage of the benefits of internships, like cost savings and human capital progression, without the hassle.


Organizational and Human Capital Development

Our Services

Here’s the reality: in today’s world of IT recruitment, the demand is greatly exceeding the talent. And another reality? Logical Advantage has the solution to this problem.

When it comes to bridging your organization’s skills gaps, we believe in garnering talent from within. Through skills assessments and a variety of opportunities to expand upon existing abilities, Logical Advantage provides solutions that encourage employee retention, allowing for internal development, outsourcing when needed, and overall success.

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