10 Fast Facts About Windows 10 IoT Core

This month, the Charlotte Internet of Things Meet-Up group hosted an event featuring Windows 10 IoT Core where they showcased the benefits of using it on a Raspberry Pi device. This was the third Microsoft event of its kind hosted by Charlotte IoT, and Microsoft donated $4,000 worth of IoT kits for events at Charlotte IoT and Logical Advantage.

Half of these kits have been given away to users in the hope that they will be used to build projects and for blogs; Charlotte IoT awards members who blog or write an article with a hackster.io sticker for their laptop!

In fact, several of our members have already been using Windows 10 IoT Core. Check out a few of their projects and articles by following the links below!

For those of you just tuning into Windows 10 IoT Core, here are the 10 most important things you need to know:

  1. A version of Windows IoT Core was first demonstrated at the //Build2015 conference.
  2. Windows 10 IoT Core has been optimized to work on smaller devices and is one of three IoT editions.
  3. It runs on Raspberry Pis 2 and 3, as well as MinnowBoard MAX and Arrow DragonBoard 410c.
  4. It uses the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) API, which allows you to write and use applications across your devices (phone, desktop, etc.)
  5. Windows 10 IoT Core supports Arduino Wiring API, which is easy-to use in Arduino sketches and libraries.
  6. It’s the perfect platform for both makers and commercial builders. This means that Windows IoT Core can be used for small, fun projects, as well as for large, professional ones.
  7. It works with a variety of open source languages, as well as with Visual Studio.
  8. Since its initial release, Windows 10 IoT Core now supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  9. It integrates more robust experiences into your devices, including the following: cloud-based services, natural user interfaces, online storage and searching.
  10. Microsoft has already demonstrated a variety of projects completed using Windows 10 IoT Core, including the air hockey robot, an animated weather app and a clock radio with IoT capabilities.

To learn more, click here or here. If you’re already using Windows 10 IoT Core for your projects, share your thoughts with us @LogicalAdv.


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