6 Tech Sectors That Will Grow in 2017

It’s an exciting time to be in tech, isn’t it? Who are we kidding—it’s always an exciting time to be in tech.

We techies have a luxury that many others don’t in that we get to watch our industry change and grow on a daily basis. With an influx of new platforms and innovations, we’re also seeing new opportunities arising in the form of new IT jobs and career paths for tech lovers.

Here are 6 tech sectors that are expected to grow in 2017:

Virtual & Augmented Reality

We’ve seen enough videos of people freaking out in virtual reality goggles to know that virtual reality is no longer a thing of the future, but a thing of the now. Now that virtual and augmented reality have started reaching the mainstream in unprecedented ways, VR and AR Engineers will be needed more than ever to build and improve upon these platforms, particularly when it comes to the software used. The same can be said of augmented intelligence, which will require engineers with experience in machine learning and cognitive computing tools and technologies.

IT Security

Expect to see jobs in information security and analysis become even higher in demand in 2017. Cyber security has become top priority for all businesses, and for good reason, as threats to cyber security are only expected to increase. Our computers and devices hold more sensitive information than ever before. No longer do we have diaries—that’s what our smartphones are for! This means that there will be a greater need for experts in IT security—in other words, all industries will be searching for people who know how to keep their stuff secure.

Web Development

Website owners are realizing that they need a professional to assist with the customization and maintenance of their websites (finally!). Interface Designers, Web Application Developers, Web Software Developers—these positions have been in high demand in 2016, and the demand for these positions is expected to continue growing in 2017.

Health IT

The healthcare industry has become incredibly transparent, thanks to the fact that much of the measurements and reports are readily available to the public eye. This transparency has created an increased need for measurement platforms and record-keeping. In 2017, Health IT jobs are expected to grow in demand, with titles including Clinical Systems Analyst, Ambulatory Systems Analyst and Health Information Management Project Manager.

Machine Learning

Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft are all investing billions in machine learning and making it a reality – Apple, too, with Siri.

Bots are really cool. Microsoft Azure Cloud is making it easy/available like never before. Clouds give people scalable computing power that was previously unheard of. Look at the bot products like Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Microsoft Bot Framework, just to name a few. Bot Framework provides what you need to build, connect, manage and publish intelligent bots that interact naturally wherever your users are talking – from text/SMS to Skype, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Office 365 Mail and other popular services. Natural Language services are also cool and part of the bot framework (like UIS / Alexa / Siri and even Cortana).

There’s no doubt that machine learning will be huge; we would even say that it is the biggest game changer on this list.

Internet of Things

IoT is still hip. Charlotte IoT gains a member a day and now has 860 members. IoT can provide the data for many of the ML algorithms, and we can’t wait to see how it continues to expand in 2017.

Thanks to everyone for another wonderful year. We look forward to seeing how our industry continues to grow in the New Year. And remember: Check out our Job Board regularly to stay up to date on the latest listings from Logical Advantage.

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