8 Not-So-Scary Trends in Tech Right Now

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re in tech, you know that technological innovations can be even scarier than the ghosts and ghouls of October. Some are scary good, some are scary bad, and some are just downright…scary. *shudders*

Let’s take a look at 8 of the not-so-scary trends in tech right now.

8 Not-So-Scary Trends in Tech Right Now


The Moodmetric Mood Ring – Downright Scary

If you were a kid between the 70s and the 90s—and probably even after that—chances are, you had a mood ring at some point. So you know that they didn’t actually work. Until now. Moodmetric has created a smart ring that tracks your stress levels, measuring your levels of excitement, as well as your moments of calm. It can even track your sleep at night. More than a fashion statement, this ring is designed to measure your overall energy throughout the day via an app, while giving you tips and solutions for living a better, more energized life.

Why is it downright scary? You can no longer hide from your own emotions. Plus, if you tick someone off, all they have to do to prove it is open their app.



DuoSkin Tattoos – Scary Unusual

We threw it back to your childhood with the Moodmetric mood ring, so we’ll stay in line with something else you probably did in your youth: tattoos. Like the Moodmetric mood ring, DuoSkin tattoos combine smart technology with fashion and personal style. These tattoos allow users to control their mobile devices, display information and store information on their skin. With DuoSkin tattoos, you can control the volume of music, reflect your emotion or even read data off your skin.

Why is it scary unusual? You are the user interface. The user interface is you.

DuoSkin:Functional, stylish on-skin user interfaces from MIT Media Lab on Vimeo.


Fire TV Stick – Scary Relaxed

Amazon has recently released a Fire TV Stick, which now comes with an Alexa Voice Remote. Not only has this addition given the product an advantage over its competitors, but it also allows users to apply the skills that Alexa knows on Echo.

Why is it scary relaxed? TV nights/Sunday football just got that much better.



Nvidia’s Xavier SoC – Scary Smart

On September 28th, Nvidia launched its latest innovation in car technology at the GPU Technology Conference Europe: Xaviar SoC (system-on-a-chip). According to TechCrunch, Xavier SoC “manages 20 trillion operations per second, while only using 20 watts of power.” This sets Nvidia as a leader in AI innovations for cars.

Why is it scary smart? With all the talk of self-driving cars, Nvidia’s product release seems to come at just the right time.



Amy Schumer – A Scary Trainwreck

According to Intel, Google searches for Amy Schumer are most likely to be associated with Malware, citing a 16% chance that your search would be met with a site containing Malware. Justin Bieber was a close second.

Why is it a scary Trainwreck? Schumer fans will understand.


Alan Turing’s Computer – Scary Old School 

In the late 1940s (or early 1950s, there’s some debate), the first music conducted entirely on a computer was created by Alan Turing. Turing, as you know, was a world-famous World War II code breaker. In fact, in 2014, a movie was released about him: The Imitation Game. Anyway, recently, researchers at the University of Canterbury restored the recording, and you can now hear it for yourself.



Why is it scary old school? Look at how far we’ve come. So much music is digitized now, it’s hard to believe there was ever a time when this was considered a technological breakthrough.


Colonization on Mars – Scary Futuristic 

People have been talking about colonizing on Mars forever, but Elon Musk recently made major moves in a keynote speech delivered at the International Astronautical Conference in Mexico. Although you shouldn’t pack a U-Haul spacecraft for Mars tomorrow, Musk and other scientists are making real moves to colonize Mars within this lifetime.

Why is it scary futuristic? What once seemed like a plot out of a Star Wars movie is becoming reality.  We might be a spacefaring, multiplanetary species before we know it!


Blackberry Won’t Make Devices – Scary Real

Blackberry recently said, “Blackberry, out,” at least when it comes to making its own devices. The once-smartphone-giant announced that it will no longer manufacture its own devices. Now that it will be using OEM partners to deliver software and devices, the company hopes to “reduce capital requirements and enhance return on invested capital,” said CEO John Chen. It’s no surprise that their sales have been struggling, but only time will tell what’s next for Blackberry.

Why is it scary real? If you ever loved BBM (Blackberry Messenger) and couldn’t imagine life without it, this one might sting a little. A short 6 years ago (a lifetime in tech-time), many people were still Team Blackberry. Not anymore. Things in tech are getting very real, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!


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