How We Used Echo to Build A Fire-Breathing Melon

Fireworks, cookouts and days spent on the water—if these things are on your agenda for this coming weekend, you aren’t alone. The Fourth of July is fast approaching!

If anyone at Logical Advantage were to have something techy planned for the 4th, we knew it would be Dan Thyer. As you may recall, he’s developed everything from tweet shirts to an IoT medical tracker.

We reached out to him to see if he has anything planned for the 4th, and he replied, “I’m not planning anything for the 4th, but we did do something close to fireworks at the last Charlotte IoT meeting.”

This is the firemelon. It spits fire when you greet it.

See how this melon was turned into a fire melon!

So how does it work exactly?

For starters, the voice detection is performed using the Amazon Echo, which is a voice-controlled, hands-free speaker. On top of being practical and accessible, Echo has unbelievable potential for the future of technology. Our use of Echo is just one of the many ways Logical Advantage is paving the way as a technology leader.

The melon is built with the Alexa Skill Kit API from Amazon, and Thyer wrote a NodeJS application hosted on Amazon Lamda to invoke an event on Particle Photon through its API.

Pretty cool, huh?

Watch as this melon blows fire!

Earlier in the day, Charlotte IoT members also had a lab focused on connecting the Particle Photon to Azure IoT suite to record weather data.

The Amazon Echo and the Particle photon micro-controllers used for this event were both shipped to us by, so we’d like to also give a very special thank you to the folks over at!

Are you developing any cool apps or inventions? Share them with us @LogicalAdv!

May the Fourth be with you this coming Monday!

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