Capsa / Rubbermaid

About Our Client

Rubbermaid Healthcare (now known as Capsa Healthcare) is a leading provider of mobile medication and computer carts. Improving patient care is their top priority, and their product development focuses on providing workflow advantages for caregivers, as well as implementing technology into the patient care process.

Case Study type: IoT / Enterprise Development

Technologies Employed: IoT, mobile

Why They Came to Us

Rubbermaid developed a next generation of “smart” and networked powered carts. The new cart platform included an embedded computer with a touch screen interface to control cart operations.
Rubbermaid needed a fleet management software (FMS) application developed to provide the company with information and functionality to monitor, manage, and update software on the fleet of carts.

Our Solution

Logical Advantage worked with Rubbermaid engineers to architect and develop a fleet management system that communicates with the new smart carts. The cart communicates wirelessly with the fleet management system on a regular basis to transmit and receive data. The fleet management software provides Rubbermaid IT with information and tools to proactively monitor and manage the fleet.
The fleet management system is centrally hosted by Rubbermaid. There is no need for hospitals to install software on their computers or servers, which makes this solution easy to deploy and maintain.

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