Rehrig Pacific Company

About Our Client

Rehrig Pacific Company is a global leader in the manufacturing of plastic pallets and containers, serving the agriculture, bakery, beverage, dairy, materials handling, and waste and recycling collection industries. As a tech-forward company, Rehrig Pacific Company has developed a variety of intelligent solutions to help their customers achieve multiple objectives simultaneously.

Case Study type: Enterprise Development, Smart City

Technologies Employed: RFID, IoT, Cloud hosting, mobile, barcode scanning, web

Why They Came to Us

Rehrig Pacific Company provides trash and recycle container supplies and logistic services to the city of Toronto. City management needed to know where, when and how these trash containers were deployed, as well as the volume and weight.
This is where Logical Advantage stepped in.


Our Solution

Logical Advantage architected and developed Rehrig Pacific Company’s proprietary Packaging Asset Recovery Tracking System (PARTS), as well as their Container Asset Recovery Tracking System (CARTS).
PARTS facilitates the online tracking of packaging assets at all times, 24/7/365. The system is integrated with barcode and RFID data collection systems is customizable to a client’s unique applications using electronic BOLs. Rehrig Pacific Company’s reverse logistics centers can also generate daily, weekly and/or monthly reports for services performed inside customer locations.
CARTS utilizes mobile handheld computers that have been loaded with a custom application. This application allows Rehrig Pacific Company to manage mass distribution, paperless work orders and inventory management in the field.
Each handheld unit communicates via the internet to the CARTS host server, using barcode/RFID technology to make data accessible. With this information, Rehrig Pacific Company can know whether an asset is at home, being used, receiving maintenance, lost, or returned to inventory.
Both the PARTS and CARTS systems are comprehensive asset tracking solutions that deliver consistent inventory visibility, facilitate the timely return of assets, reduce asset expenditures and significantly lower the total cost of ownership. Both encourage a paperless environment, offering query tools and automated reports.

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