Service Thread

About Our Client

Service Thread specializes in the design and development of industrial thread and engineered yarn. With a commitment to emerging technologies and cutting-edge tools, they develop solutions for their clients’ product and processing problems.

Case Study type: Industry 4.0 / Smart Factory / IoT

Technologies Employed: IoT, barcode scanning, mobile, Cloud hosting

Partners: Particle, Microsoft Azure IoT Hub

Why They Came to Us

Service Thread wanted visibility of their spinning machine uptime so they could take steps to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Like other manufacturers, knowing if a machine is up or down is critical to Service Thread, and increased utilization would add significantly to the bottom line.

Our Solution

Our first step was to obtain knowledge of machine activity. We developed a solution using existing sensors on the 4k+ textile spinning machines, which collects movement data through a Particle Photon microcontroller. This data is passed through the Particle Cloud onto the Microsoft Azure IoT Hub.
Once we had interoperability and information transparency with data collected from the sensors, Logical Advantage was able to build a virtual copy of the spinning machines in the digital world. From there, we developed technical assistance tools used by Service Thread to tweak their activities and improve OEE.
We first strategized with Service Thread to understand and implement the most efficient approach to reach their OEE objectives. By understanding their desired goals, we built a scalable service on top of Azure IoT hub using Particle, Microsoft.Net, and Service Thread’s Service One ERP.
Advanced features from the Particle Cloud allows for Over the Air (OTA) updates of our embedded software directly to the devices. Through a simple mobile webpage built into Service One, device provisioning is automatic, and spinner identification is accomplished.

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