ICYMI: No One Having a Worse Day Than PCs…& More

In case you missed it, here are some of the top stories in tech news circulating this month:


IoT Could Save Your Morning Commute

What do you do when you’re in a traffic jam? Most likely, you grip the steering wheel, sigh audibly and mumble the occasional expletive. But what if we told you that, with IoT, all of this could change?

According to technologists specializing in the Internet of moving things, there is a solution to all of our traffic problems. According to these specialists, by using data collected from delivery companies, taxis, smartphones and more, there is new opportunity to determine alternative routes.

As more and more vehicles are connected, equipped with sensors and devices, it’s becoming easier than ever to track and analyze traffic data in real-time.

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New iPhone App Could Be Your Phone’s Bodyguard

If you’re already in love with your iPhone, this app could have you serenading Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” to it pretty soon (that was a Bodyguard reference for those of you who missed it). System and Security Info, an app that was released earlier this month, provides details about the phone’s CPU, memory and disc usage. It can also detect if your device has received any security threats.

Developed by security researcher Stefan Esser, this app can also detect jailbreak and is considered to be a low cost solution for keeping your iPhone secure.

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Cell Phone Inventor Says This Is the Next Big Thing

Marty Cooper is an American engineer and the inventor of the first cellular phone device. So he definitely knows a thing or two about the cell phone. The one problem with his invention? According to Cooper, it’s the fact that you have to constantly have a charger nearby.

“We ought to be charging all the time,” says Cooper, who believe the next big thing in cell phone technology will be gadgets that keep your devices charged at all times. Cooper for one is keeping his eye on Energous, which will use radio frequencies to charge.

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Think You’re Having A Bad Day?

Not as bad as PC. According to new data, PC sales are the lowest they’ve been since 2011. This news isn’t overly shocking when you consider how many people are using mobile devices on a regular basis, but it’s definitely not great news for PC vendors.

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