Carolina Code Camp: Developing the Passion

Posted on: Thursday, December 12th, 2013

CHARLOTTE, NC — For the past 15 years, the Enterprise Developers Guild has brought developers from around the Carolinas together for one specific purpose:  to fuel the passion of technology.  Through monthly meetings and annual conferences, such as Carolina Code Camp, the Guild has been able to provide their members with vital insight to upcoming technologies.  Additionally, the group’s efforts have created an enduring community of developers, whose involvement is motivated solely by their love for the industry.

On Saturday, May 4th 2013, the Guild kicked off their 13th annual Code Camp, with an astonishing 365 local techies.   Held at the CPCC Levine campus, attendees took their pick of sixty sessions, ranging from classroom style lectures to hands on labs, in which they built complex machines.

While many events of this nature are accompanied by a hefty price tag, the Guild has prided itself on making Carolina Code Camp a completely free event – they even include lunch!

How is this possible?  For one, the generous support of sponsors, like Logical Advantage.

Logical Advantage, along with other industry leaders, not only provided funding for the event, but more importantly, they provided content.   From CTO’s to Evangelists, individuals from the sponsorship organizations offered priceless insight into specific topics, which attendees may never find elsewhere.

“We have MVP’s, leaders in the community, entrepreneurs CIO’s, and CTO’s.  There is such a large variety of very talented people who are taking the time — free of charge — to come out and give quality information.”  Stated Brian Gough, Vice President of the Enterprise Developers Guild and Code Camp Concierge

But it’s not just the sponsors who contributed to the conference’s enrichment.  In fact, anyone can speak at Code Camp.

“We never reject a speaker.” Says Mark Wilson, First Vice President of the Enterprise Developers Guild and Code Camp Co-Chair.

“All of the speakers that submit have such a broad range of topics, that you really can have fun picking and choosing.  We want them to present to their passion, and invite speakers to come and teach others something they’ve discovered, that ‘AH-HA’ moment.” Wilson adds.

As you can see, it’s not the recognition or promotion that drives these participants to get involved in Carolina Code Camp; it’s the passion.  It’s the passion for technology, passion for growth and passion for the IT community.  To find more events sponsored by Logical Advantage, or to learn more about upcoming Enterprise Developers Guild meetings, visit the events calendar at

See what you missed at this year’s Carolina Code Camp 2013 in this recap video!

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