Thyer Presents at Discovery Place’s STEMlympics

Posted on: Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

On Saturday, April 16th, Discovery Place hosted STEMlympics, an event focused on how STEM is being used in the Charlotte area and featuring hands-on activities and special demonstrations.

Dan Thyer, CTO and Co-Founder of Logical Advantage, facilitated two STEM workshops, starting with an introduction to IoT. He also presented a variety of connected things he’s developed, including the medicine reminder, tweet shirt, a connected squirt gun, Halloween activities and the cat toy, several of which have been featured in past blogs.



After his introduction, the kids broke off into groups to come up with their own ideas for connected projects, which Thyer facilitated and judged with help from his daughter.



Although all ideas were innovational, the groups with the best ideas then presented them, and Logical Advantage gave away eight Raspberry Pis so that they could turn their ideas into reality.




The winning idea was a connected mailbox that sent users a notification with a picture when mail arrived. The picture allowed users to determine if the mail looked like a package so that they could race down to get it. Another great idea was speech-controlled home automation that better served and enabled people with disabilities; this device would allow someone without an arm to speak to the sink to turn on the water!



STEMlympics also featured an Ugly Robot Contest, which was voted on by attendees, as well as live demonstrations in 3D printing. For future Discovery Place events, visit their website. And to keep up with Logical Advantage’s contributions to STEM and IoT, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and at



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