Thyer Presents at All Things Open 2016 in Raleigh

Posted on: Friday, November 11th, 2016

At the end of October, Dan Thyer, CTO and Co-Founder of Logical Advantage, attended All Things Open 2016 in Raleigh, where he presented on one of his very favorite topics: Internet of Things. His presentation interested many, so many, in fact, that the room was filled to its maximum capacity.

“It was awesome to have the room full of standing people because all the chairs were taken,” said Dan, reflecting on the number of participants who had come to watch him present.

dan thyer all things open 2016


All Things Open 2016 had nearly 200 presenters talking on a very wide range of topics. Most of the talks were on open source technology, but some were general or on soft skills. This year, the conference put a huge focus on IoT for the first time, and there was an IoT track with two concurrent IoT sessions going on at all times for both days.

Dan started by presenting his own IoT projects, which leverage technology from Microsoft, Amazon Echo and Particle. He showed the audience how he uses technologies like Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core, Raspberry Pi, Azure, Bluetooth Beacons and Azure Machine Learning in his projects.

“Speaking at the conference was really fun because the audience was so into it,” said Dan, after the event. “It’s great that it was around Halloween, and the stories of my IoT monsters were really popular.”

He also brought an IoT device that he built, which waved its hand at the crowd using natural spoken commands to Amazon, which was a big hit. And he talked about one of his latest builds, which is designed to detect the health of his pets.

As his presentation came to a close, his time at All Things Open was far from over, and he rushed to set up the Charlotte IoT and Logical Advantage table for RIoT Demo Night.

dan thyer all things open 2016


Also in attendance was Scott Hanselman, who gave a great keynote, and Joe Darko from Microsoft.

Hanselman gave a great keynote where he excited the crowd and won over many people who have “hated” Microsoft for a long time. He used comedy to relate to the crowd and then showed how much change Microsoft has done over the last several years. Microsoft’s change has been incredible, and they are so much more open than before.

“This change is driven by a change in leadership at the top with Satya Nadella succeeding Steve Balmer. Satya totally gets it,” said Thyer. “He understands from a geek’s perspective instead of a pure marketing one, and the company has made huge changes. This change is something that will probably take the open source community a long time to fully recognize because of many years of Microsoft being otherwise.”

In total, the conference attracted around 2,250 attendees, with an additional 750 who registered to attend the RIoT demo tables. All Things Open is an event held in partnership with, and this year, it partnered with NC RIoT to help make it all happen; as you might remember, Charlotte IoT is the RIoT chapter in the Queen City. This year, it was hosted from October 27th – 28th at the Raleigh Convention Center, and every year, this event welcomes technology leaders to participate, discuss and network with likeminded individuals.

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