Opening Up About Open Source Code

Are you using open source?

We’re strong believers that open source softwares and libraries are very good for business. Open source isn’t just about saving money on “free” software. We feel that businesses should adopt it to develop applications faster with higher quality components. In fact, two of our own team members, Karl Shifflett and Dan Thyer, are Legend authors of open source code at the Code Project.

From our own personal experiences with writing open source code, we understand how wonderful the quality of it is. When we make code available to the community, we put time and thought into making sure the code is clean, high quality, and uses best practices because we know that tens–or even hundreds of thousands–of people will be looking at and reviewing the code. It’s a great way to get feedback from the community and to learn from this feedback to make the code even better.

We feel that leveraging open source greatly increases a company’s ability to create new applications quickly, reliably and economically.

In fact, five of Logical Advantage’s team members have contributed to the open source community with the following repositories:

  1. Zenchi (demo)
  2. Oceanware
  3. Oceanware — Electron, ES6, Aurelia, & MongoDB
  4. Oceanware — Electron, ES6, & Aurelia
  5. Oceanware — Electron, TypeScript, & Angular
  6. Oceanware — TypeScript in WebStorm
  7. Oceanware — Simple Electron App with a Menu
  8. Oceanware — Simple Electron App
  9. Oceanware — Operation Overlord PhoneGap
  10. Oceanware — Operation Overlord
  11. Oceanware — Wix is Fun
  12. Oceanware — Vm Tuck Away
  13. Oceanware — Broken Prism Core Scenario
  14. Azure Project Extensions
  15. Google Checkout (.NET Sample Code)
  16. Machine Specifications — MVC
  17. Machine Specifications — Auto-Mocking
  18. Azure Token Maker — Token Service
  19. Using jQuery Mobile with MVC and Netduino for Home Automation
  20. Home Automation with Microsoft Kinect Point Cloud & Speech Recognition
  21. Home Automation with Netduino & Kinect
  22. IoT for Home Automation
  23. Authoring Visual Studio Debugger Visualizers
  24. WPF Business Application Series (Part 1)
  25. Microsoft Blend Style Incrementing TextBox
  26. WPF Common TaskDialog for Vista and XP
  27. WPF AJAX Style ComboBox
  28. Fill ComboBox With Sorted Enum Without Code
  29. A WPF Problem Solved Two Very Different Ways
  30. Mole II Black Ops
  31. Woodstock for WPF
  32. WPF Business Application Series (Part 3)
  33. Exploring a Model-View-ViewModel Application
  34. WPF Checkbox (Text on Left Side)
  35. Mole II for WPF
  36. Mole for Visual Studio
  37. Creating, Encoding and Delivering Silverlight Streaming Screen Capture Videos
  38. Debugging Made Easier with Mole 2010

Be sure to check out the repositories that interest you, and let us know what you think by tweeting us at @LogicalAdv! And be sure to sign up for LA News for monthly updates sent directly to your inbox.

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