Our IoT Approach

Why Does IoT Matter for Your Business?

This is not just a good question–this is the question asked by organizations across the globe. Essentially, IoT is about providing the decision makers (that’s you) with the data you need to make smart (and potentially automated) decisions. This type of decision-making allows you to discover areas of opportunity to grow your revenue stream.

Logical Advantage is an enterprise custom software development company, specializing in the Internet of Things (IoT). Contact us for the data, analytical tools, and technical knowledge you need to make smart decisions.

IoT Consulting

The Internet of Things is quickly being recognized as the present and future of IT, and for good reason. Imagine making informed, real-time, and potentially automated decisions that will benefit your business. Now that’s what we call smart technology.

Our IoT and Industry 4.0 consulting program is designed for companies wanting to roadmap an IoT solution into their organization.

  • Gathering requirements
  • Identifying operations that will most benefit from IoT
  • Building and deploying a pilot project
  • Developing an IoT roadmap that can help your company increase profitability

Allow us to help you lead your organization by building a plan to gain actionable outcomes from underutilized data.

IoT Implementation

With years of IoT experience, Logical Advantage can help identify the best hardware and software solutions to allow your organization to map the digital world to the physical structures and conditions in your environment.

Our engineers have selected the best IoT tools and hardware partners in the market to implement the best solution for your organization.
Already know where your organization will benefit from IoT? Let Logical Advantage help design and implement a solution designed to achieve those goals.


IoT Integration

While collecting and analyzing data is at the core of IoT, information generated by these systems will be needed in your organization’s ERP and other third-party systems to be of any value.

Logical Advantage provides not only experience in industrial operations, but also a deep knowledge of system integration and custom software development needed to take true advantage of your IoT implementation.

IoT Engineering Services

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all IoT platform or stack to fit all scenarios. Currently, the enterprise IoT market provides generic products that can be used anywhere, as well as more specialized devices for specific vertical markets. To fully realize the efficiency gains and new revenue streams of IoT, however, companies will need the right technology to master their specific problem.

In addition to implementing existing IoT hardware solutions, we are also the team that can provide specialized solutions using the latest semiconductor and chipset technologies. Find the IoT engineering solutions you’ve been seeking with Logical Advantage.

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