What is IoT?

Chances are, you interact with IoT devices on a daily basis. The realm of IoT is vast and includes consumer goods like wearables and smart homes, as well as operations solutions for manufacturing, energy and logistics organizations (to name a few). At Logical Advantage, our IoT ‘sweet spot’ is assisting businesses with IoT-centric solutions that solve operational and tracking challenges.

Smart Factory

Smart factory solutions allow you to take production line monitoring beyond simple industrial automation.

  • Accelerate Industry 4.0 adoption. Make your manufacturing smart with Logical Advantage’s deep industry and technology experience.
  • Gain real-time visibility. Monitor machine performance in real-time, and make informed decisions to improve operational efficiency and reduce downtown.
  • Integrate supply chain management. Maximize production efficiencies and optimize operations with a connected supply chain.
  • Utilize prescriptive analytics. Maximize output by making decisions based on predictive analytics to ensure uptime and optimal performance.

If you’re ready to make better decisions with smart solutions, contact us for IoT developed for the industrial environment.

Smart Asset Monitoring

Smart decision-making starts with smart data. We want to help our clients identify areas
of opportunity and implement smart solutions.

  • Track assets. We will help you identify and gather key data to guide your organization to better, smarter decision-making through real-time tracking and the monitoring of assets.
  • Make assets smarter. Digitize your assets with RFID tags or sensors so that you can track location and monitor health in real-time.
  • Integrated supply chain management. Maximize production efficiencies and optimize operations with real-time data.

Learn more about how you can increase efficiency and maximize ROI with Logical
Advantage’s smart asset monitoring.

Smart Logistics

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to keep almost everything connected using embedded sensors.

  • Track solutions in real-time. With the right IoT solution, companies can connect all assets across a centralized cloud network, and capture critical data needed to feed into their supply chain management software.
  • Make informed decisions. Locate and monitor key assets to optimize logistics, prevent quality issues, and maintain inventory levels. A recent study suggests that companies who invest in IoT have observed a dramatic increase in their efficiency.

Let Logical Advantage provide unprecedented visibility into personnel, operations, equipment, and transactions. Let’s get started!

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