Azure App Service – Building Modern Enterprise Applications in the Cloud

Posted on: Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

Watch now as Sr. Software Developer, Richard Taylor digs into the Azure App Service!

Azure App Service is a one-of-a kind solution that brings together the tools you need for building enterprise-ready apps around a common development, management and billing model. You can choose from a rich ecosystem of pre-built apps and API services as well as a unified set of enterprise capabilities including mobile backend services, turnkey connectivity to SaaS and enterprise systems, and workflow-based creation of business processes.

Azure App Service frees developers to focus on delivering great business value instead of needing to worry about repetitive tasks such as stitching disparate data sources together or dealing with operational and compliance overhead. This unified approach lets you take full advantage of the service while helping you meet your company’s concerns about security, reliability, and scalability.

In this session, we will create an enterprise class web application and deploy it using Azure App Service. Once deployed, we will explore extending our application by integrating third party services and automating business processes.

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