Lunch & Learn: Developing Cross-Platform Applications Using Electron

Posted on: Monday, February 1st, 2016

Watch this video featuring Karl Shifflett to learn more about what Electron is, how it differs from web applications and how you can explain the value to your company.

With Electron (, creating a cross-platform Windows, OSX, or Linux desktop application for your company or an idea you have is easy. Initially developed for GitHub’s Atom editor, Electron has since been used to create applications by companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Slack, and Docker.

Electron leverages your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skillset for authoring cross-platform desktop applications.

In this video, we’ll look at the supplied seed project that provides everything you need to get started on your own project. The seed project reduces your start up time to minutes.

We’ll then take that seed project and write a small Angular application and compile that application for OSX and Windows. Cross platform compilation is accomplished with a gulp task: “gulp electron.” How is that for simplicity?

We also demo a high-octane personal Electron application that Karl is writing for metadata driven code generation. The application is an Angular, TypeScript application that uses Mongoose to read and write data to a Mongo database.

Speaker: Karl Shifflett

Since 1989 Karl has architected and developed desktop, web, and mobile software for: retail, warehousing, manufacturing, small-medium city governments and water authorities, and DIY projects. He worked at Microsoft as a Program Manager on the WPF and Silverlight Designer Team for Visual Studio 2010, as a Program Manager for the patterns & practices team on Prism and Web Guidance projects.

Karl is the author of the very popular XAML Power Toys, XAML IntelliSense Presenter, In the Box MVVM Training, co-author of Mole.

His passions are WPF, ASP.NET MVC, AngularJS, Cordova, IoT, Ionic, Firebase, creating Visual Studio tools, software architecture, designing frameworks, and mentoring.

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