Tech Talk: Azure IoT Hub

Posted on: Monday, August 7th, 2017

Join us for lunch as Steve Willoughby presents how Azure IoT Hub can establish bi-directional communication with billions of IoT devices, work with familiar platforms and protocols, authenticate per device for security-enhanced IoT solutions, manage your IoT devices at scale with device management, and extend the power of the cloud to your edge device. Included will be an overview of an Industry 4.0 installation Logical Advantage has deployed at a key client site. This includes flow from machine spindle proximity switches to an inexpensive microcontroller to the Particle Cloud to IoT Hub to an Azure Function App to… Well you get the picture. If you want to hear about the whole thing, attend the session!

Steve Willoughby, an enigmatic and indefatigable Senior Technical Architect with Logical Advantage, has over 20 years of IT project experience in a wide variety of businesses and roles. Prior to entering the technology field, he was in Quality Assurance in manufacturing as an engineer and manager for 12 years which served to heighten his awareness of the value of a quality product. Responsible, reasonably well organized, and darned attractive, Mr. Willoughby is a joy to behold. He has worked with small and large teams developing applications that perform functions ranging from museum tour docent scheduling to international trade to race vehicle configuration to point-of-sale systems. And darn it, people like him. He can be found online at just about any hour, often engaged in perfectly legal activities. Having been the primary database designer and DBA on various projects, he also has a unique combination of perspectives allowing him to balance how tasks should be positioned among multiple layers of a complicated system design.

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