Tech Talk: Security in the Age of Connected Production

Posted on: Monday, August 7th, 2017

Two years ago, hackers were able to remotely control the brakes and accelerator of a Jeep Cherokee from ten miles away.

Last year, the largest distributed denial of service in history brought down Twitter, Netflix, Reddit, and CNN using IP cameras and DVRs.

In January of this year, a ransomware attack took control over the electronic key system of a hotel in Austria.

The fourth industrial revolution brings with it new and increased risks of cyber-attacks. Never-before seen attacks are continually being perpetrated against a growing number of targets, and the interconnected nature of the IoT and Industry 4.0 mean that these attacks are having far more extensive effects than ever before. Unfortunately, security is often an afterthought and many organizations have not begun to address the vulnerabilities in their systems that these attacks exploit.

Join us for lunch as Hal Shinn presents on some of the security challenges and the solutions that can keep organizations from falling victim to the new cyber-attacks in the age of connected production.
Hal Shinn is a Senior Technical Architect with Logical Advantage and has over 25 years of experience designing and developing systems, from mainframes to embedded controllers and most everything in between.

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