TypeScript: A Cure for Feeble JavaScript

Posted on: Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

Watch now as Senior Developer, Carolyn Post hosts this important Lunch and Learn, TypeScript: A Cure for Feeble JavaScript!

Are you tired of how weak JavaScript is in regards to object-oriented programming techniques when compared to other scripting types such as C# and Java? Then enter the world of TypeScript with me and find out how you can alter the paradigm!

About Carolyn:

With 17 years of expertise in Multi-Platform Environments, Object-Oriented Application Development, and Multi-Tiered Application Design and Development, Carolyn brings a variety of skills – and rock-star status – to all of her projects.

With a focus on AngularJS, web and mobile technologies, Carolyns language mastery includes C#.NET, HTML, XML, CSS and Visual Basic.NET.

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